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The advantage of having a team of dentists is that each doctor has special skills and expertise that will allow you to stay in our Libertyville office for your dental treatment. People travel all the way from the city of Chicago and beyond as a compliment to the loyalty, customer service, and care we have provided. As a dentist in Libertyville, we know how hard it can be to find someone you can trust, and we hope to earn that on your first visit.

We chose to spend eight years of schooling to become dentists because we love helping take care of people.  We take it personally that every patient has a comfortable experience at the dentist.  Because we are also patients of the practice, our first-hand experience tells us we must treat each patient like a family member.  So, welcome to the Libertyville dental family.

As you search through our credentials, you should know that we are committed to the highest levels of continuing education.  As a team, we have literally completed thousands of hours of continuing education.  When we learn we have one goal in mind, how can we make sure that our patients have their own healthy teeth for their whole life?

Each of our doctors learns from each other and prides ourselves on a conservative approach to dentistry.  That means prevention and the art of catching problems before they explode is a large part of our mission.  We understand that every patient has a different starting point.  Treating the most complex of cases is where a lot of our expertise and training focus.

My wife and I have been patients of Dr.Alan Weisz for 25 years. I was never very fond of seeing the dentist until I started associating with Libertyville Dental. I cannot say enough about Dr. Weisz and his staff. Their level of dentistry far exceeds that of other dentists I have seen in the past. Their dental hygienists are also excellent; I have seen a few of them over the years. In closing the office staff is very professional and friendly.


Our technology, commitment to lifelong learning, and passion for true family care support our core beliefs.

  1. Comfort.  Every patient should feel that they are made as comfortable as possible while in the dental chair.
  2. Excellence.  We believe and work to ensure that the dentistry we perform in your mouth is of the highest quality and built to last.  From our partnerships with some of the best dental lab technicians to the highest quality materials we choose for our patients, you can be assured that we are doing our best to give you a lasting smile.
  3. Family.  We are part of this community.   We like to treat each of our patients as if they are an extension of our friends, cousins, sons, and daughters who all rely on us to give the best possible advice for maintaining their teeth.

We ask that you join us in creating a new type of dental community.  One built around close relationships, mutual respect, and trust.  By clicking on each of our doctors, you will note that we each have a valuable post graduate education, maintain prestigious associations, and have advanced our skills by immersing ourselves in the continuing education arena.  The most important credentials we hold are the words and experiences of our patients.

Please take a moment to watch some of the testimonials and read some of their thoughts.  As we co-voyage together in your dental health, our hope is that you will one day share these same experiences of warmth, care, and service and be an advocate for improving oral health for your family.

I have been treated by Dr. Sam Weisz for invisalign and have been very happy with the results! I have had no problems getting in for appointments, even with short notice. The staff are all friendly and professional. I don’t have to go too often, but when I do its like visiting family!


Why we may not be the right choice for you.

We take providing the best dental care very seriously.  This means we reserve time just for you.  Because your appointments are focused on you, it is important that we maintain a partnership.  You may not be a fit for our office If you are not committed to working with the doctor as an owner in your own dental health.

We choose our patients carefully.  In order to find out if you are a candidate for treatment at our office, schedule an appointment we call a comprehensive exam.  Here you will learn the various options you have for maintaining and restoring your smile.  During this session we will discuss your individual wants and needs, examine your teeth, take intraoral photographs, and take measurements to provide us a picture of your dental history.

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