Replace one or more teeth with affordable dental bridges at Libertyville Dental Associates.

Dental bridges are a solution for many patients who visit Libertyville Dental Associates and are considering their options for tooth replacement. While dental implants and dentures are also available, our team finds that many Libertyville, Illinois, patients are pleased with bridges for replacing one or more teeth. Let’s look at dental bridges and what sets them apart from other solutions available at our office for tooth replacement.

What are dental bridges?

The dentists of Libertyville Dental Associates describe dental bridges as fixed restorations fabricated for tooth replacement. These affordable bridges, made of ceramic or porcelain, are bonded into place using the adjacent teeth and can replace one, two, or even more teeth in a row that may be lost or extracted. Unlike removable dentures, dental bridges are bonded into the smile to restore function and appearance while remaining easy to care for. Our team will educate you on caring for your dental bridges to ensure longevity for many years!

Who is a good candidate for a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are best for patients seeking a non-removable restoration after tooth loss or extraction but want something more affordable than dental implants. Dental bridges are often a middle-of-the-road option that fits most patients’ lifestyles and budgets. Patients with dental insurance can also ask about their coverage, which can make these restorations incredibly affordable.

How do I determine if dental bridges are the best tooth replacement option for my smile?

At Libertyville Dental Associates, our dental providers are here to help you make choices that fit your needs. Whether you are worried about longevity, budget, or required care for the different tooth replacement options, we will work with you to determine the best for your needs.

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