How dental bonding can improve the appearance of the smile, covering common imperfections

Composite resin bonding, or “dental bonding,” is one of many ways Libertyville Dental Associates can assist in treating smile imperfections. Dental bonding is highly desirable as it is an affordable, natural-looking, and quick solution for many common aesthetic problems that can occur with a smile. The dentists at Libertyville Dental Associates of Libertyville, Illinois, may recommend this treatment for those interested in a fast treatment.

How can I use dental bonding to close a gap between teeth?

Composite resin bonding can be formed on the front teeth on each edge to conceal the appearance of a natural gap. In addition to treating gapped teeth quickly and easily, dental bonding can also cover stains on teeth or repair chipped or cracked teeth that might impact one’s smile. This versatility makes them a highly desirable option for many patients who visit Libertyville Dental Associates seeking aesthetic treatments.

How is dental bonding performed?

Many of our patients who are considering dental bonding will often find that it is a wonderful solution for imperfections that may be present at the front of the smile. Dental bonding starts with a consultation appointment to determine your suitability for this dental service. Then, the tooth or teeth being treated with the bonding material are prepared by filing down part of the enamel and creating a rough surface to ensure the adherence of the resin material. The material is placed onto the tooth or teeth and cured with a light to harden it. The finished results are seen after the dentist files down and polishes the bonding to look just like natural tooth enamel–with the primary goal of disguising problem areas.

How do I learn more about dental bonding as a solution for dental imperfections?

Dental bonding is a wonderful solution for many patients seeking fast, natural-looking options for addressing imperfect smiles.

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